Sharon Tate

The Tate-LaBianca killings called a halt to the friendly 60’s in Beverly Hills, Coldwater Canyon Area, and therefore, all over the USA.  People were afraid a group of hippies could come to their homes and murder them senselessly while on drugs.  Or, NOT, if you read this mans work.  This is his link:

His theory is that Richard Nixon wanted to destory the reputation of the hippie movement, and through the Hollywood publicity machine, they devised this murder spree as a false-flag incident.  Now, honestly, I don’t believe that!  However, when I went over some of his evidence, a few things did not jibe, with what I believed about them, or the way a pair of famous newcomers to the industry, Tate and Polanski, would live.

Briefly, they had expensive cars, an expensive rental, and their furnishings were AWFUL!  It looked on the inside like poor students lived there, and one of the victims was a well known heiress, with a penchant for giving money to causes she believed in.  All this, well, I didn’t really do a WTF until I heard about the little sister:  Patti.  She was 15 years younger than Sharon, and was almost an exact duplicate!  Mathis’ hypothesis is that Patti was in fact Sharon, and she went public and did interviews later knowing enough time and age had passed that no one would ever say she was Sharon.  But as Mathis pointed out, two interviews, one with Sharon, and the other with Patti showed that they both had the same upper ear, with the same indention on the left ear. IIt’s known that having an attached lobe versus having a free lobe is a genetic inheritance, but the upper ear?  Patti died of cancer at age 57 in 2000.

The government was said to have a house on Lookout Mountain in the 60’s where they used the talents in Hollywood of the day, to do publicity for various causes.  I don’t know personally if that is true, or not.  What I do know is there are plenty of people in our country who willingly believe that our government is not above using the press as a tool to promote a desired outcome.  Much like the current speeches of our politicians in response to the mass shootings, basically trying to promote their own gun policies.  To be an actress, and to willingly give it all up, when you’ve only just begun, seems to be madness to me.  Sharon would not do it unless forced.

Here is my off the cuff list of observations:

The Manson girls when they show up at parole hearings look good for their ages, they have good teeth, and their skin is passable.  When a person has been in jail for years, that’s harsh life, almost the equivalent to being ill over a long period of time.  That ages you!  I’ve seen those in courts who’ve been incarcerated and they look awful.  Not, those ladies!  And some of the publicity opps, ouch.  Charles Manson giving an interview at the door of his cell?  Since when does anyone let reporters that up close and personal in jails?  I believe that was against policy at that time in the prison system in California.  My take on Mansons’ ear pinning surgery:  remember his burns?  I believe one of his burn surgeons saw reason to pin his ear during surgical treatment.


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