Stress and commitments

I have a trip to make if I want to get back in school.  One this year for a week to Colorado, and one week next year.  I have four concerns about the trip:  one, I have panic attacks and I have to get on an airliner.  Two, I have to board the dogs and let Wildra come feed the cats and Trixie and Elle.  She was kind enough to agree to do it.  Three I have to perform well enough to get into the program.  Four, I am going to be at 7500 ft. above sea level, and I’m not sure if I’ll get altitude sickness or not.  I’m sensitive to everything, so that would completely screw my plans.  From where I sit that’s a lot of iffy conditions to deal with, and then, since I am going to be alone in a strange city, there is always the chance that I could be victimized in some way.  I really don’t want to be tomorrows news!


So, I’m not sleeping well until about dawn when my eyes just seem to shut themselves and I sleep until 10.  What am I going to do?




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