Leah and David Get Married

I saw the photos on the web, this morning of one of my ex’s and when I saw his new wife I was amused and kind of shocked–she looked like a younger and fatter version of ME!  I’d always wondered what happened to him, but never tried to find out.  I wasn’t that interested, first because he was mean when we broke up, and second, because three years after we broke up I got an advertisement response from an ad I had up (no photo) from him, that simply said:  “You sound adorable.”  David was a player, and he really messed some things up.  There was one young lady that he liked, who decided he wasn’t for her, possibly because he was dating me, and she didn’t know, and neither did I.  So when we both found out about each other, neither of us was happy, and since I was an Older Woman, a Cougar, he ditched me fast.  I was really upset for a while, because I really and truly cared about him, but later I decided he was a man who never really cared for me at all.  I seem to always run into the lover/sociopath type of character.


Well, I’m home, and I think it’s okay to be home, as I’m trying to wait for the money coming to me, that I will likely spend on a new bathroom!  Or dental work!  Hum, let’s go look up veneers….


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