Wicked Roman: the rumors that persist surrounding Sharon Tate’s short life and brutal death.

The Internet is one of those places that people sit behind their screens and type, and one rumor about Sharon Tate really gets my goat, as she’s not here to defend herself, and Roman Polanskisharon and roman isn’t particularly a believable character.  Here it is:  that Sharon was forced to do threesomes with other women, at Roman’s request.  It’s not that it’s anyone’s business, I’m simply remembering her trials, and the life she could have had if she’d stayed away from that house and that man.  First of all she did some unsavory types of films, she was no Doris Day.  Her horror films attracted strange types.  That Frykowski character was alleged to deal drugs out of their home, and this is yet another unsavory type at 10050 Cielo.


I wonder if an artist who tries to work out their angst and negativity about their life, (his survival as a Jew in WWII Europe) isn’t actually just bringing even more bad luck down on themselves, attracting the worst kind of person?  The rumors are worse than I had to refute in my heyday in that small town.  And I had some pretty bad ones to deal with.  But my point in bringing myself in this is that I had ANGRY persons to deal with, and I wonder did they too?  Roman had an awful lot of trouble publicly with this death, and the rape allegations.  Did Vince Bugliosi get the story right, actually?  The story of this crime climbed right out of slime.  One thing about slime is that’s it’s capable of acting as one unit.  They all could easily have told the same story and LIED, successfully.




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