It’s Thursday and I’m trying to alleviate boredom and discordance.

My house is messy, and I still haven’t decided which of my fathers things to keep and which to throw.  Nor do I especially like the idea of throwing his things out.  This is the family house and my brother and dad’s ex have an ownership interest too.  So, I don’t want to hear:  “Hey, I wanted that/those, you should not have thrown them out.”  I’m being picky and getting rid of things that either no one would possibly miss, or things that are simply unusable.

I made coffee before I began this morning, Starbucks decaf Cafe Verona.  It’s rich and dark with some citrusy flavoring.  I noticed I have eggs in the fridge and cheese, so I can get up and make an omelet!  Yum!  I just finished the omelet and find that it’s nice and fluffy.  If you place a cover on the pan during cooking it rises as if it were baked, but still has the brown well cooked parts.  I always make 3 egg omelets, but they’re really too big to eat.

I have a list of things to buy to straighten up the house.  A paper shredder is number one on my list now, because I want to get rid of all my old documents.  Everything official must be shredded. I have to get rid of stuff.  I can’t stand being crowded.  Also, things are heavy to move, so I am still at 7 months here, getting things out of the backyard, and that’s still an ongoing project.  I use Craigslist to find workers, but honestly, it’s less risk to me in some ways to do it myself.  Suppose someone hurt themselves and tried to sue?  I talked to a guy yesterday about the lawn but he couldn’t do what I wanted, and he gave me cold chills up and down my spine.  I didn’t say no to him, I was afraid to, and I just said he could keep my number and call me back.  Hopefully, he won’t.


In the meantime, I’m still thinking of how to get things done quickly, without having to pay someone else to do it.




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