No Fly Zone

I had my loans all packaged, and was waiting for the SECOND disbursement, when I got an email from Cathi saying that the Central Processing Unit said I’d borrowed too much this year and can’t get loans for the summer.  This is a big damned deal, because I have to be there for summer semester, or wait until next year to try and go.  I can’t pay the semester by myself and I even got a refund of 1600 dollars for the first disbursement that I now have to pay back.  How this happened, I simply don’t know.  Couldn’t they have run the CPU BEFORE they packaged me?

I wanted to go back there, that was where I’d had everything ready.  Thank heavens I hadn’t bought tickets yet!  Mostly, they’re non refundable.  I have no idea why I didn’t know this would happen!  I have always been able to get money for summer, no matter how much I’d borrowed for fall and spring.  So, my idea of getting two degrees, is pretty much kaput!

And I didn’t really get my first school, as it’s a religious one.  Mixing religion and psychology isn’t something I think I can do because it’s so punitive to certain types of behaviors and lifestyles.  If I had a gay person come into my chair and said something negative to them about their sexual orientation, they could walk out and deliberately walk into traffic, killing themselves.  You would not believe what some of those damned textbooks say!  I got too late that mostly these classes are meant for pastors to counsel.  I’m not a pastor in any way, shape, or form.

And the other school, has this thing, the pre-practicum, where you are officially admitted, is in summer and you MUST attend.  You can’t really take classes in the program if you don’t.  I don’t want to wait.  It’s bad consequences for not being able to go academically.  So I could wait another year, beg mom to pay for it, or just say see ya, to the program and find somewhere else to go.  My mom is not going to pay for it.  Waiting another year is a bad idea, well it’s got all the hallmarks of another disaster, because I looked forever online to find a school that didn’t take all your money up front in tuition.  So many of the online schools give you very little and they take a lot of cash.  One thing both of the schools I found, they were honest to a point about the money, and they didn’t take extreme advantage.

So I somehow have to fix this, but is it really fixable?  I doubt it!






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