A storm of controversy about Adams State University: accreditation woes and my personal fiasco with FAid.

Link to letter of Adams State University accreditation woes.

asu-action-letter-3-3-16 (1)

I was supposed to attend this summers’ counseling session, including pre-practicum, and the financial aid office screwed up my loans.  They packaged me, then gave me a refund, AND THEN TOLD ME I DID NOT DESERVE THE LOANS UNDER FEDERAL RULES, SO I HAD TO PAY FOR THE SEMESTER MYSELF!  I wasn’t aware that I had a problem with the loans, so I tried to straighten things out, and tried for a week, calling every bank, every government agency, and by this Friday, I had no luck, so I began calling to drop my semester.  I never attended, so I wanted to do an administrative drop.  So far, no one has told me I have any capacity to do that, so I have to withdraw and will owe money for a set of classes I can’t take!


I’ve decided that I can no longer attend Adams State, will have to throw away 5 k, if I can even pay it back, and run away as fast as I can.

Then I began looking at Adams State in places where you leave your experiences, and boy did I find awful allegations about the place. The worst is there is a retaliation culture against students from faculty.  Read them yourself:  Google Adams State and read the reviews.  Ughh!  I always thought the place was so cute and one person told me it was a great little school for counseling.  But now I see they have some administrative problems. And I ran smack into one of them.  They don’t run their CPS reports until after they’ve packaged the students and even given out loans.  They really need to run them before.  I have had six major panic attacks in as many days.  I couldn’t go anyhow.


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