Still sorting it all out

I’m trying to find a place to take all of my dad’s things and get things organized that I feel I should, can, keep.  He and his gf had a lot of tools and things that I’d never be able to use, and don’t see how on earth I’d find a place to store them in the garage.  I really need to hire someone to help me, but I can’t do it now that the school thing is kaput.


I’ve been doing small chores around the house for hours today and it seems like it takes me FOREVER to do anything, no matter how small.  And I still have to give one dog bath, and figure out how to put the weed whacker string in a Black & Decker, and then take a shower.  Right now, it’s feeding time for the dogs, which means I have seven little yelpers eating.  I feel so slow and ineffective.   I have two dogs who refuse to be crated to eat, and they just don’t eat, until they finally get to their cages later.


I’ve been looking to find out if I can actually get a counseling program and honestly, the ones online seem to only want your money.  I don’t know what else to say, except I have to find something to do.  I need money, and the work force without an actual career is awfully hard.



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