Why I’m not wasting any time on Full Sail University

I’d enrolled in the Masters in New Media Journalism, and found that I had many many issues with getting things done. They were always one step behind where they told me they were.  Now this latest thing is that the Launchbox, which I am told includes a 3k computer, is not on time.  They said it was shipped by 5 pm. on Friday, and the FedEx people say it’s not actually in a truck on it’s way to me.  LYING TO TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO HEAR, AND THEN BEING  UNABLE TO DELIVER IS NOT THE WAY TO DEAL WITH ME—EVER.  I decided to tell James P. the final student liason that I spoke with, to disenroll me, immediately.  I was actually joking when I said it, but guess what?   They disenrolled me immediately, which just says everything about how FSU reacts to complaints about their service!  I am lucky to have found out before I paid big bucks.  Okay, so that’s over. Finito! Thanks Full Sail for showing me how inept you were before I would have to pay any part of your steep tuition!



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