Funny as shit!

I have been going back and forth whether I should just up and quit Fool Sale.  They forced me to take my student loan money and buy their Launchbox, which costs 4k and includes a 15 inch Macbook Pro with Retina display.  (And no, I’m not typing on it.)  I looked at their policies, and if I unenroll in week two, I can get 75 percent of my money back.  Which means I’m paying, 1/4 of my allotment of 20,500.  They have one class a month, and they use that fact to somehow take more of my cash.  As a student, I don’t know how they manage to get so much.  And, I’ve read on they have people whose student loan money they’ve taken for the whole year under similar situations.

I’m distinctly uncomfortable with their first course on Mastery.  They ask too many nosy and intrusive questions, things that I’ve learned that media people should simply not answer.  And their professors aren’t tied to use confidentiality because they have no license they could lose if they go around blabbing.  And I admit, I’m upset about the amount of money they want.

So I went to Goodwill’s computer store on Midlo yesterday, and this one guy just kind of stood out.  So I got talking to him and discovered that he had not one but two degrees from Fool Sale.  He also added his had 120 k worth of loans and he nor any of his classmates ever got a job using their Fool Sale degree.

Me:  “Those people made me buy a 3000 dollar computer, and I think that’s ridiculous.”

Him:  “Are you in media, and do you need that much?”

Me:  “No, I don’t see why Windows can’t do anything Mac can do.  Plus, I would be perfectly happy with the 13 inch with a disc drive that Apple sells for 1 k.”

Him:  “Turn around and sell it.”

Me:  “Oh, I’ve already tried.  I got one really lowball offer for 1800.”

Him:  “But Fool Sale is only going to send you a bill for that, and the person will give you cash.”

Me:  “i’m not convinced I should let go of it, simply for it’s price tag.  I could get a CAR for that!”

Him:  “I can’t actually believe I met someone from Fool Sale, if I had any advice to give you, it’s to quit right now.”

Him:  “I’ve got a hundred people from Fool Sale on my Facebook page and not one of us has ever gotten a job with our degree.”

The topic drifted away from school.  But I was like, God is in control, and it’s simply prophetic that I met this guy.


I have a complete set of issues to deal with at home that takes money that I could have gotten from a decent school that doesn’t steal all your loan.  And I could have gotten better for me topics.  I don’t need this class that feels like it’s trying to be therapy, and can never be.  Suppose they hurt me?  I’ve been in counseling grad school and I know the difference between counseling, and coursework.  I know not to push the send button to someone who knows who I am and say things that I can’t take back.  Even if they ask me to critique myself and my personality, that’s wayyyy overboard from what they should ask of me.

I am going to quit.  He’s right, it’s not taking me where I want to go, and it might hurt me financially and emotionally.





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