Skates on, stroke, forward!

I have two papers and two exams due on the 7th of next month, and no energy to attack them.  I’m so dismissive here, on what I’m doing, that I really think I should stop before I finish as I’ve not even done half of it and I’m seriously in debt and the job market looks rougher than ever.  My weight gain over the last 20 years and my age, make me an unusual hire, and I’m now guessing that the news I should have taken from the last attempts at job hunting, is that I’m no longer a favorite.  Older women are not as prized as younger ones, I get that.  But it’s actually true that older women are smarter than their younger counterparts, and more experienced with people and life.


What to do with a counseling masters?  I have to get as many A’s as possible to make sure no one has any excuse to say no to licensure.  I can see it now, told no to a license to practice and then having to move to any state that will accept me?  I like where I am.

**nods head at drama**  It’s not really going to go wrong, will it?


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