Counselor Education

I go to the world’s cutest online school.  I know, I know, my alma mater is the grand old lady of the South, and quite the historical piece of Georgian architecture, but my current school is just, well, cute.  I didn’t go to Pre-practicum.  Despite the school’s cuteness, it’s also on accreditation probation.  And since I’m in Grad School, well, that means I can’t just take all my credits and walk away.  I decided, since I’m battling some issues other than school, that I’d just stay out of it completely until Spring 18, to see if it even exists any longer.  I know it will be a brick and mortar school, but it’s online presence is in danger.  And since I have 18 credits there after this summer, I simply have to wait it out or risk losing even more money!

So, I’ve got opinions about counselor ed.  First, I don’t work in the field already, which many people do.  And perhaps if I did my lessons would just be solidifying what I’ve already experienced, but NO, it’s all new to me.  I can spend years reading true crime in the papers and coming to conclusions about the perps, and dealing with friends and family, but the counselor ed program is different.

How so you say?  Well, first of all many of the classes are overviews of parts of the field of counseling.  Take for example, this summer class in addiction studies.  Well, it’s an over view, and a brief one, of what people experience in the field.  What kind of clients they see (“Almost 25 percent of clients in the chair have some kind of addiction or usage experience or issue.”)  what kind of meaning does the ability to become addicted to a substance, and to pick one up and start using it have (“Is it all the medical model, brain studies and neuroscience, or it it something, biopsychosocial, and very much broader?”)  and how to get your clients to cure themselves by managing to be unaddicted, and is it even possible?  No one textbook could ever encompass all that, nor the experience of one counselor.  So, we do research in counseling psychology to see what other counselors have experienced.

Right now I’m so tired.  My finger is hurting, the one I got the splinter under the nail that got infected about 6 weeks ago.  The last few days it’s been acting as if it’s broken.  So I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow.  I have the mucosal cysts on my fingers from the arthritis I got a year of so after my wrist surgery.  And my doc has been warning me time and again that if the fingers get infected for any reason, then I could be at risk for extremely grave medical issues.  And the finger was infected but the pain now, shouldn’t be there.  So, off I go tomorrow.  Pray for me please, it’s scary to get ill with my age, living alone, and all the other things.

There is a storm outside and my dogs have all come into the bedroom I made my office, and they’re all on the bed.  It’s so cute!  Rose is only 7 months old, she’s a St. Bernard puppy, and about 90 lbs the last vet visit a week ago.  And everyone else is a little dog.  She steps on my feet, gets in my way, and I really wonder how it’s going to go?  She’s way bigger than what I’m used to in my house!  She barks or chirps when she wants me to pet her, which she’s doing now, so let me go.



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