Wreck of the day

My classwork is coming to an end for the semester.  I want to change schools because my program demands that I travel to it, and I don’t want to even think of flying anywhere.  And the panic attacks and higher elevations are known to be a problem, so, I am looking for other places.  The problem?  My budget yearly for this school is 36,500.00 dollars.  I can’t afford one dime more, and everywhere else is more expensive!  The one school on the coast I’ve been looking at has tuition of 26 k!  This does not include books, or any other expenses.  So, I still have the problem with both travel, and the problem of accreditation issues, which the school says will be resolved in Spring 18, but I am not sure of it, or what kind of risk that means for me.

Also, some kinds of crazy people scare me.  What do I do if I get a client who frightens me?  Some borderline, passive aggressive, and antisocial personality disordered people just freak me out.  Also a narcissist too, what doI do?  I don’t want to work with severely disabled clients, what I would prefer is to work with people who have been hurt, and who need help trying to get back to their lives in a successful fashion.  Watching the court cases, I’ve seen tons of people who’s lives are in a shambles because someone did something to them.  I’d like to deal with those people.

Uggghhh, back to the news….