I’m waiting to see what the retaliation will be for the #metoo movement.

I expect to see several women who won’t ever work in that town again.  And while that should not be, that’s the nature of relationships when women do not set good boundaries for ourselves at the outset.


Stalkers and their implications.

emily and victoria041.JPGA conspiracy is formed when two or more people get together and agree to do something.  Typically, it’s considered that what they do isn’t right, contains malice against another person, or set of people.

After being stalked for over 3 years (at least)  by multiple persons, I can tell you two things:  Number one, finding and stopping this type of person is next to impossible.  The idea you can be victimized in this way doesn’t really find a home in many people’s hearts. Number two, people look at you like there is something wrong with YOU when you say you’re being stalked and it’s not based on a romantic relationship.  When someone holds a grudge and does this, they can almost get away with it. They tend to have terrorist type personalities, using lies to deprive someone else of their life and liberty and housing.

“Stalking is defined as repeated and unwanted attention, harassment, contact, or any other behavior directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear. … ”

“Resentful stalking arises when the stalker feels as though they have been mistreated or that they are the victim of some form of injustice or humiliation. Victims are strangers or acquaintances who are seen to have mistreated the stalker. Resentful stalking can arise out of a severe mental illness when the perpetrator develops paranoid beliefs about the victim and uses stalking as a way of ‘getting back’ at the victim. The initial motivation for stalking is the desire for revenge or to ‘even the score’ and the stalking is maintained by the sense of power and control that the stalker derives from inducing fear in the victim. Often Resentful stalkers present themselves as a victim who is justified in using stalking to fight back against an oppressing person or organization.  This is the longest lasting type of stalker, and putting them in court early on is the only way to stop them.  This is difficult as they tend to be the most adept at getting others to take their side in their resentment.”

  1. a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
    “a conspiracy to destroy the government”
    synonyms: plotschemeplanmachinationploytrickrusesubterfuge;
    • the action of plotting or conspiring.
      “they were cleared of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”
      synonyms: plotting, collusionintrigueconnivancemanipulation

Snowy day to play!


For the holidays, which in all honesty is Chanukah, Christmas, and on to Valentines Day, every woman needs at least one red dress.  The problem with shopping for one is that you only have the stores in real life, to try them on, and the online stores, well, I have six pieces sitting in my closet that came from China that I never returned, nor did they fit, ever.  If it’s that shoulders are too big, of the back closures require a ladies maid to tie it up, these dresses are about as wonderful as a nail in your shoe.  So, I’ve reached the conclusion that I must either sew or come up with some wonderful new store to find things that FIT.

I am a 40DD and my waistline is thick.  So, try to fit that one.  I can’t.  I’ve looked everywhere and at every size.  Either the bust fits but the waist is too tight, or the waist fits and the bust is too big and the arse is a boat I could sail in!  Where the fuck is Calvin Klein when you need him?  I included a photo of something that I might like, that’s for a less conservative audience, more Hollywood, as it were.  DC might actually think that dress is way too slutty.  It’s cute though.  The problem of a large bust really depends on your audience.  Small towns believe a large busted woman is “easy” whatever the hell that means in modern Day USA.  Large cities might not give it even one thought, except in small enclaves where too much cleavage might be age inappropriate.  Ah, to dress one’s self, when the event is as yet unnamed!


The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye


David Lagercrantz has many readers crying foul over his latest edition of the Stieg Larsson Millenium series, which he took over with book four, The Girl In The Spiders Web, and continues with the fifth installment of the series, The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye.  The heroine, Lisbeth Salander is in prison for barely mentioned computer crimes, and she is only in the novel about a third of the text.  In this novel, he’s changed Lisbeth’s character from someone who fights to save and defend those she loves, to a woman who is in love with justice and fair play.  Her defense of a beautiful Bangladeshi prisoner, against an evil woman whose game is to take over and control other inmates, and who commits crimes while incarcerated, at a prison with a stellar reputation for control, seems to stem from the fact she sees the woman being unjustly beaten while the guards do nothing.

In past tomes, Salander would defend those she loves, her lovers, both Mimi her girlfriend, and Mikael Blomkvist, her boyfriend, her mother, whose beating at her fathers’ hands sent to a hospital for life, with head injuries  Early on in the series, as a reader you decide that she is not someone to either trifle with, or to take the sides of people she doesn’t feel deserve it. These differences between the two authors have polarized the Millenium fanbase!   I’m not in either camp, hating Lagercrantz, or liking him.  When you have the misfortune of the death of an author who is so talented, whose books are so well liked, well, the audience screams for more.  And the decision to actually hand them that with an author who is talented, well, it’s okay.  I wish he would have kept Larsson’s original take on Salander  He kept Blomkvist the same, and added additional characters for Blomkvist, Gianni, and Salander to both investigate and save in a court of law, which is not Lisbeth’s mien as she rarely opened her mouth at her own trial, given that she does not trust a system of justice that is as corrupt as the DA who runs it.  It was up to Blomkvist and his sister to save her.  Which they did handily.


And he changed the genre from detective fiction, ever so subtly.  The James Bond series by Ian Fleming was the gold standard for the action and adventure spy novel, which is what Larsson initially wrote, with some modifications, has changed to a more social agenda.  Lagercrantz on the other hand, dismisses any mention of the tools of the trade, which are standard in any action adventure novel, the guns, the computers, the other weapons, to move the story forward.  He’s exchanged these mentions of guns for mentions of hacks, very briefly.  Perhaps this is an attempt to appeal to the women readers more so than the men.  And his attempts to show Sweden today and to be inclusive of a minority group by making their problems a point in his plot seems to be a bizarre attempt to portray Sweden today.  It didn’t work for me.  I expected to see the things I loved about Larsson’s novels, the computers, the crimes, a love interest for both Salander and Blomkvist, not necessarily each other.

When People Make Confessions

As a person, a friend, and a journalist I’ve been on the receiving end of confessions.  I had someone make a personal revelation yesterday that was both surprising in its intimacy, and how it was made  I was out paying a bill in person, and this older man told me about a lady he’d been dating who was stalking him.  When I questioned him a bit, I got the bare bones of the story.  He wasn’t dating her, he said, she came over to his home once a week.  Which, to my way of thinking is simply booty calling!  And from the way the woman reacts now, I don’t believe she felt the same.

He said the woman was a professional who claimed to have recently sold her business for an incredible amount of money.  I didn’t necessarily believe her story of money success, somehow it feels out of place for a woman who is stalking a man who has told her to leave him alone.  Or perhaps points to a dichotomy of vast intellect and business savvy, with low interpersonal woman/man skills.  I wonder would she say she’d only been with one man all her life?  He said she’d been outside of his business just the other day peering inside, and that she’d given him bad reviews despite not having done business with him anyway.  Now I listened to his story with no therapeutic responsibility to it, but suppose I do get all the way through school, and I have to deal with this topic as an issue?

Do I respond morally?  Do I take his point of view that using someone for sex, which this blatantly was is okay, and just deal with the stalking issue?  What I said is that it’s often an issue of hurt feelings when one person becomes more attached than another.  He said he broke up with her because she became “too demanding,”  which I didn’t ask him to qualify.  (I wasn’t embarrassed, actually, but I did wonder if it was going to be in my best interests to hear such a personal story from someone I do business with?)  I pointed out that sometimes breakup stalking can lead to violence, and to be careful.  I didn’t go any further on the topic.

But today I wonder what kind of profound realizations I can lead someone to, when the topic is a bad negative breakup, that both persons aren’t in agreement with?


Case Stalled in Denmark, some more details in the press.

Kim Wall’s murder seems to be nowhere on the news horizon.  My last sighting of a story was a page I had to translate from Swedish and was months ago.  I was hoping they’d get lucky and would have her skull wash up on the shore so the docs can decide if Madsen was telling the truth.  I know how morbid that is!  But when you are searching for the truth in someone’s death, it’s the facts and circumstances surrounding the body that tells the tale a DA uses in court.  Was Madsen simply a super creep who threw away a body he had no right to?  Or a guilty murderer who wanted to cover up any and all evidence of guilt?  His attorneys are going to play off his reputation as an eccentric, and use a lack of firm evidence to try and derail what the DA is going to say, that he’s a savvy pervy killer who got told “no” for sex and reacted violently.  During the violence, he struck Wall so hard, she died.  And if the DA is lucky, he will find other murders of women, whom Madsen might have murdered.  Get DNA evidence on that, and you’ve got a serial killer behind bars for good.  What really ignites a fire in my gut for this theory is the amount of water to hide bodies that Madsen has!   Was this only the latest in a string of homicides, of carefully selected women whom would be unlikely to have the alarm raised when they went missing?  And Madsen blew his cover by picking a high profile victim?

WaPo has a story from October of video’s of women being decapitated was found on the computer hard drive belonging to Madsen.  He denies the videos were his claiming everyone in the lab used that computer.  Also, Madsen has finally admitted sinking the Nautilus after Walls’ death.  In my opinion, sinking the submarine is an announcement of guilt, and it should be presumed that Madsen is a psychopath.  (I’m a grad student in Mental Health Counseling, btw.)  Also, that there is a possibility there are other deaths attributable to him.


Christmas Eve


I didn’t purchase a Christmas Dress this year, as I’m not going to any family celebrations.  They’re all out of town, and I simply do not have the ability to drive long distances.  So, I decided not to do any decorations this year, as I’m planning on painting the living room walls myself, and I want to have a head start on getting glues, nails, and whatnot off the walls.

Things are still the same here, and kind of scary.  I’m being targeted over the pets, and the neighbors have banded up against me, the close ones anyway.  This has been going on for over two years, and the Richmond Police Department will not do anything.  My stalkers have run rampant.

To top it all off, I might be getting gaslighted.  I had a license plate officially run, and the cop said it belonged to a girl near the mall.  Either the cop lied to me (you wouldn’t think so, but over the last two years I’ve seen it all) because the car with that plate contained that creepy black dude who’s been chasing me around for a while, or the guy who does the stalking is an outstanding and evil foe.  He knows how to jiggle facts and circumstances around to make sure he’s never identified.  So he borrows autos or plates.  There are more than this guy, but I can’t go into it now.

I’ve always wondered if somehow the powers that be in this nation are trying to stifle Freedom of Speech, and using such tactics to quiet people.  I doubt it, but I do speak out on unpopular issues, such as the death penalty (against) and racism (against in all forms on this planet).  But I say it online.  I’m not out in the streets marching.  So, that just doesn’t feel right.

Unfortunately, I often catch people in things they’d rather not be caught in!  I used to be a reporter and left early on because I needed to make more money than what any job for the first three years or so would pay.  So, blogging is all I do, and these blogs are really personal.  They are not intended for public consumption and are “journals/rage books for tough topics in my life.  But in my investigations on this case, I caught one plate that just screamed look for my history.  The plate belonged to a man who owns a local Italian restaurant, and whose family had been busted for running heroin out of that self-same restaurant about 35 years ago.  It was driven by someone else.  I don’t want to get into detail, but the case really deserves studying, as it might be a pointer to continued drug dealing  There is something bad about the neighbors and their behaviors so I would not doubt drug dealing at all!