Funny as shit!

I have been going back and forth whether I should just up and quit Fool Sale.  They forced me to take my student loan money and buy their Launchbox, which costs 4k and includes a 15 inch Macbook Pro with Retina display.  (And no, I’m not typing on it.)  I looked at their policies, and if I unenroll in week two, I can get 75 percent of my money back.  Which means I’m paying, 1/4 of my allotment of 20,500.  They have one class a month, and they use that fact to somehow take more of my cash.  As a student, I don’t know how they manage to get so much.  And, I’ve read on they have people whose student loan money they’ve taken for the whole year under similar situations.

I’m distinctly uncomfortable with their first course on Mastery.  They ask too many nosy and intrusive questions, things that I’ve learned that media people should simply not answer.  And their professors aren’t tied to use confidentiality because they have no license they could lose if they go around blabbing.  And I admit, I’m upset about the amount of money they want.

So I went to Goodwill’s computer store on Midlo yesterday, and this one guy just kind of stood out.  So I got talking to him and discovered that he had not one but two degrees from Fool Sale.  He also added his had 120 k worth of loans and he nor any of his classmates ever got a job using their Fool Sale degree.

Me:  “Those people made me buy a 3000 dollar computer, and I think that’s ridiculous.”

Him:  “Are you in media, and do you need that much?”

Me:  “No, I don’t see why Windows can’t do anything Mac can do.  Plus, I would be perfectly happy with the 13 inch with a disc drive that Apple sells for 1 k.”

Him:  “Turn around and sell it.”

Me:  “Oh, I’ve already tried.  I got one really lowball offer for 1800.”

Him:  “But Fool Sale is only going to send you a bill for that, and the person will give you cash.”

Me:  “i’m not convinced I should let go of it, simply for it’s price tag.  I could get a CAR for that!”

Him:  “I can’t actually believe I met someone from Fool Sale, if I had any advice to give you, it’s to quit right now.”

Him:  “I’ve got a hundred people from Fool Sale on my Facebook page and not one of us has ever gotten a job with our degree.”

The topic drifted away from school.  But I was like, God is in control, and it’s simply prophetic that I met this guy.


I have a complete set of issues to deal with at home that takes money that I could have gotten from a decent school that doesn’t steal all your loan.  And I could have gotten better for me topics.  I don’t need this class that feels like it’s trying to be therapy, and can never be.  Suppose they hurt me?  I’ve been in counseling grad school and I know the difference between counseling, and coursework.  I know not to push the send button to someone who knows who I am and say things that I can’t take back.  Even if they ask me to critique myself and my personality, that’s wayyyy overboard from what they should ask of me.

I am going to quit.  He’s right, it’s not taking me where I want to go, and it might hurt me financially and emotionally.




Why I’m not wasting any time on Full Sail University

I’d enrolled in the Masters in New Media Journalism, and found that I had many many issues with getting things done. They were always one step behind where they told me they were.  Now this latest thing is that the Launchbox, which I am told includes a 3k computer, is not on time.  They said it was shipped by 5 pm. on Friday, and the FedEx people say it’s not actually in a truck on it’s way to me.  LYING TO TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO HEAR, AND THEN BEING  UNABLE TO DELIVER IS NOT THE WAY TO DEAL WITH ME—EVER.  I decided to tell James P. the final student liason that I spoke with, to disenroll me, immediately.  I was actually joking when I said it, but guess what?   They disenrolled me immediately, which just says everything about how FSU reacts to complaints about their service!  I am lucky to have found out before I paid big bucks.  Okay, so that’s over. Finito! Thanks Full Sail for showing me how inept you were before I would have to pay any part of your steep tuition!


Still sorting it all out

I’m trying to find a place to take all of my dad’s things and get things organized that I feel I should, can, keep.  He and his gf had a lot of tools and things that I’d never be able to use, and don’t see how on earth I’d find a place to store them in the garage.  I really need to hire someone to help me, but I can’t do it now that the school thing is kaput.


I’ve been doing small chores around the house for hours today and it seems like it takes me FOREVER to do anything, no matter how small.  And I still have to give one dog bath, and figure out how to put the weed whacker string in a Black & Decker, and then take a shower.  Right now, it’s feeding time for the dogs, which means I have seven little yelpers eating.  I feel so slow and ineffective.   I have two dogs who refuse to be crated to eat, and they just don’t eat, until they finally get to their cages later.


I’ve been looking to find out if I can actually get a counseling program and honestly, the ones online seem to only want your money.  I don’t know what else to say, except I have to find something to do.  I need money, and the work force without an actual career is awfully hard.


A storm of controversy about Adams State University: accreditation woes and my personal fiasco with FAid.

Link to letter of Adams State University accreditation woes.

asu-action-letter-3-3-16 (1)

I was supposed to attend this summers’ counseling session, including pre-practicum, and the financial aid office screwed up my loans.  They packaged me, then gave me a refund, AND THEN TOLD ME I DID NOT DESERVE THE LOANS UNDER FEDERAL RULES, SO I HAD TO PAY FOR THE SEMESTER MYSELF!  I wasn’t aware that I had a problem with the loans, so I tried to straighten things out, and tried for a week, calling every bank, every government agency, and by this Friday, I had no luck, so I began calling to drop my semester.  I never attended, so I wanted to do an administrative drop.  So far, no one has told me I have any capacity to do that, so I have to withdraw and will owe money for a set of classes I can’t take!


I’ve decided that I can no longer attend Adams State, will have to throw away 5 k, if I can even pay it back, and run away as fast as I can.

Then I began looking at Adams State in places where you leave your experiences, and boy did I find awful allegations about the place. The worst is there is a retaliation culture against students from faculty.  Read them yourself:  Google Adams State and read the reviews.  Ughh!  I always thought the place was so cute and one person told me it was a great little school for counseling.  But now I see they have some administrative problems. And I ran smack into one of them.  They don’t run their CPS reports until after they’ve packaged the students and even given out loans.  They really need to run them before.  I have had six major panic attacks in as many days.  I couldn’t go anyhow.

No Fly Zone

I had my loans all packaged, and was waiting for the SECOND disbursement, when I got an email from Cathi saying that the Central Processing Unit said I’d borrowed too much this year and can’t get loans for the summer.  This is a big damned deal, because I have to be there for summer semester, or wait until next year to try and go.  I can’t pay the semester by myself and I even got a refund of 1600 dollars for the first disbursement that I now have to pay back.  How this happened, I simply don’t know.  Couldn’t they have run the CPU BEFORE they packaged me?

I wanted to go back there, that was where I’d had everything ready.  Thank heavens I hadn’t bought tickets yet!  Mostly, they’re non refundable.  I have no idea why I didn’t know this would happen!  I have always been able to get money for summer, no matter how much I’d borrowed for fall and spring.  So, my idea of getting two degrees, is pretty much kaput!

And I didn’t really get my first school, as it’s a religious one.  Mixing religion and psychology isn’t something I think I can do because it’s so punitive to certain types of behaviors and lifestyles.  If I had a gay person come into my chair and said something negative to them about their sexual orientation, they could walk out and deliberately walk into traffic, killing themselves.  You would not believe what some of those damned textbooks say!  I got too late that mostly these classes are meant for pastors to counsel.  I’m not a pastor in any way, shape, or form.

And the other school, has this thing, the pre-practicum, where you are officially admitted, is in summer and you MUST attend.  You can’t really take classes in the program if you don’t.  I don’t want to wait.  It’s bad consequences for not being able to go academically.  So I could wait another year, beg mom to pay for it, or just say see ya, to the program and find somewhere else to go.  My mom is not going to pay for it.  Waiting another year is a bad idea, well it’s got all the hallmarks of another disaster, because I looked forever online to find a school that didn’t take all your money up front in tuition.  So many of the online schools give you very little and they take a lot of cash.  One thing both of the schools I found, they were honest to a point about the money, and they didn’t take extreme advantage.

So I somehow have to fix this, but is it really fixable?  I doubt it!





Adams State Trip likely off

I’m going to need seven thousand dollars for the trip.  1700 for the dogs board, about six hundred to catch up on shots for the board, and about 1600 for the plane fair and hotel.  This does not include the three thousand emergency money I want to have on hand in case something goes wrong.  So, I have five k and it’s not all coming until I get back?  I don’t have any credit for this!

Bummer, I am not quitting it just yet, but really, I want see if I can work anything out.

Where is free money for a school trip?